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Team Accolades

Team Accolades

See what our Girls Artistic Competitive Team as well as the Tumbling & Trampoline (T&T) Competitive Team have done!

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 Summer 2019 Kid's Camp Informational Booklet 

Elmwood Gymnastics Schedule 

Life in a sparkly leotard. Can you imagine anything more fun? Still, gymnastics is about more than rubbing chalk on your palms, flipping around on the uneven bars and balancing on a beam. It's about achieving balance in life. Along with the obvious physical benefits, gymnastics teaches our children self-esteem, discipline, social skills, a strong work ethic and even compassion. And like we said, it's a blast!

Elmwood Gymnastics Academy, a member of the Elmwood Fitness Center family, has a professional staff of certified coaches and instructors who take pride in offering high quality instruction in a positive and caring atmosphere. Teams and individuals who train here consistently place high and earn national awards and recognition each year. We're proud of our program and to the team here at the Elmwood Gymnastic Academy who makes it happen.

  • Birthday Parties

    Parties includes 80 minutes in our 18,000 sq. ft. gym, followed by a combination of beam, bars, trampoline, rope swing, vault, floor, Space Walk, and a special bungee, all led by our party professionals.

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  • Ninja Night at Elmwood Gymnastics Academy!

    Plan a Saturday night out and let us entertain your kids. Ninja Night runs from 6-9 p.m. on select Saturday nights.

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Elmwood Gymnastics and Tumbling registration is ongoing. Schedule your child's FREE trial class today! View our updated classes under the Classes Tab.