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Pilates/Barre Fit Private Training

At Ochsner Fitness Center, private Pilates classes are available using Balanced Body Pilates Equipment in our private Pilates studio. Pilates focuses on building a healthy, injury-free body by encouraging controlled and concentrated movement. It centers the body with breathing awareness while maintaining dynamic spinal stabilization. Working out with Pilates equipment improves strength, flexibility, balance, control and muscular symmetry. The rhythmic exercises promote elongated and toned muscles, and are noted for developing abdomen, lower back and buttocks strength and promoting a strong body core.

Starting your Pilates journey with private classes lets you learn the Pilates fundamentals properly at your own pace. Private classes are also great for advanced students looking to fine-tune their movements. Semi-private sessions are a great way to work out with a friend while still benefitting from the individualized attention of a private session.

Contact Bonnie LeBlanc at 504-842-6799 or for more information.



Barre Fit (Included with membership)

Barre Fit is a high-energy, low impact, fat burning workout that combines the principals of Ballet, Pilates, & athletic conditioning exercises.  Light weights are incorporated to warm-up muscles.  Barre work focuses on lower body, small intensive movements to condition and efine muscles, and the mat work is Pilates based core exercises, followed by a cool down stretch.  

Click here to see what time Barre Fit classes are being held.



Pilates Reformer Series

The Benefits of Pilates...

  • a refreshing mind-body workout
  • build strength without "bulking up"- gain long, lean, flexible muscles
  • develop a strong core - flat abdominals and a strong back
  • create an evenly conditioned body & prevents sports injuries
  • learn effective patterns of motion
  • be confident and safe
  • be challenged!


Please contact directly for class availability:

Donna Reuter: 504.296.5419

Rena White: 504.810.1835

Melissa Van Teylingen: 504.556.2336

Sherian Welch: 504.451.9309


  • Tuesday 9:00am -& Friday 8:30am Melissa
  • ***Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00pm - Donna 
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00am - Sherian
  • Wednesday: 10:00am - Sherian
  • Saturday: ***8:00am & 10:00am - Sherian

***Experience required***

**12-hour cancellation policy on all sessions.**  All packets good for a period of one year from date of purchase.  Be sure to contact the instructors to register for the session and time that you choose.


Private Pilates Pricing

Group Reformer Class Rate

Member Fee:

  • Single Class  $16
  • 3-Class Packet - Intro Reformer  $45
  • 6-Class Packet $85
  • 12-Class Packet $165

Non-Member Fee:

  • Single Class $22.50
  • 3-Class Packet - Intro Reformer  $60
  • 6-Class Packet $105
  • 12-Class Packet $189

Private Studio Rates

Member Fee:

  • Single Private $55
  • Semi-Private $30/each
  • Semi-Private Trio $25/each
  • 5 Session Private $262.50
  • 5 Session Semi Private $137.50
  • 10 Session Private $500
  • 10 Session Semi Private $275/each
  • 10 Session Trio $230/each
  • Group Pilates Mat 4/more $15/each

Non-Member Fee:

  • Single Private $65
  • Semi-Private $35/each
  • Semi-Private Trio $30/each
  • 5 Session Private $300
  • 5 Session Semi-Private $175
  • 10 Session Private $600
  • 10 Session Semi-Private $350/each
  • 10 Session Trio $275/each
  • Group Pilates Mat 4/more $17/each

Register online under Group Fitness.

Reformer Pilates Beginner Series