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Ochsner Boot Camp Program

Ochsner Fitness Center’s Military Boot Camp Program

In recent years, boot camp fitness programs have become increasingly popular around the country and here at Ochsner Fitness Center. While our members join initially to get in shape, they sign up again and again because of the camaraderie. When you’re challenging and motivating one another, friendships develop, much in the same way they do in the military.

The Military Training Program at Ochsner Fitness Center

This program encompasses the type of workout and exercises that you would experience in any aspect of Military Training.  Whether you want to become a member of the Military or want a challenging progressive workout routine, this program has something for you.  Train like the athlete you've always wanted to be.  

The goal is to develop core strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness while building a strength base.  You will perform a variety of Military style exercises that use body weight and functional strength combined with strength, cardiovascular, speed, and agility training.  Take your training to the next level in our Boot Camp Program.

Program Overview

  • Six-week program (three days/week with a certified personal trainer)
  • Pre- and post-testing to determine your level of fitness
  • Class duration: One-hour
  • Includes military training t-shirt


In six weeks, participants have seen a 50% increase in push-up strength, 45% increase in abdominal strength and a 30% increase in running endurance.

What Members Are Saying

"Don't let the name of the class mislead you. I thought the Military Training Program was only for guys already in shape. I could not even do one push-up, so I figured it was not for me. But a friend finally convinced me to go and now I am hooked. “
– Melissa Pritchett, Member

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