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TRX Functional Fitness

TRX Suspension System

“The TRX is the greatest piece of functional fitness equipment that exists.”
– Drew Brees, Quarterback, New Orleans Saints

Bored? The human mind responds favorably to change. And so does the human body. If you’re looking for a workout that gives you more results without taking more time, TRX is it.

The TRX Suspension System was invented by a Navy Seal while being deployed overseas. This fun, challenging program targets the entire body with the primary focus of improving total and core strength, flexibility and balance.

SIx-week TRX Suspension Programs are available year round at Ochsner Fitness Center – Harahan with any of our Certified TRX Trainers.

What Members Are Saying About TRX.

“My core strength is stronger than it has been in years. There seems to be an endless variety of exercises which not only continue to challenge me but keep my workouts fresh and exciting.”
– Nora Coulter, Member

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