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I would like to personally thank you for creating and implementing a program for children and their well being. Maddie believes that "All is possible now".

She is a little girl that has faced great sadness in her life. Eating was her coping mechanism. Food became her identity. It is what she found success in. It is what comforted her. She now has found success in taking control of her own life through your program. Health and well being has become her success.

Invaluable life lessons she is learning. Thank you and your program for being an incredible part of her life.

  • Maddie is exceptional
  • Maddie is brilliant
  • Maddie is truly inspirational

Through her successes and recognition of her accomplishments, a stage will be created for her to inspire others!

She is my precious granddaughter that I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend the summers with. Last year, she ascended a 140ft wall in Bandolier Nat'l Park, whitewater rafting down the Rio Grande race course and hiking till she complained! This summer more of the same but with working out and healthier eating.

Kim Booth
Maddie's Mim

The nutrition sessions were very beneficial for me as a parent to help my child achieve her goals of eating healthier, as well as myself.

The workout sessions were very structured, which I believe was effective in the overall quality of the program.

Michael Heim is an excellent motivator and wonderful asset to this program. With his motivation and encouragement my daughter has a much better attitude about herself and the things that she can do.

The program allowed my daughter to interact with other kids her age who were trying to accomplish the same goals as her. The group worked very well together and bonded outside of the program.

I would recommend the program not only to kids with weight goals, but also self esteem and self confidence issues.


I would like to thank you for having the wisdom to see the need for the Y2Kids program and its manager, Mr. Michael Heim.Mr. Heimís sessions are always interesting and enlivening.He sees the children as individuals with special needs, and tries to meet their needs.Mr. Heim is approachable, organized and pleasant.He has a way with children, that brings about success.It is apparent that he believes in what he is doing and the felling is contagious.

My daughter was enrolled in the Y2Kids program.It touched every aspect of her health. Not only did Mr. Heim get her enthused about doing the exercises, but he also got her excited about attending the Nutrition Workshop Lecture Series.

My daughter learned that keeping fit could be fun.She now knows how to make smart food choices.She is in better shape, her self-esteem has improved, and she is interested in participating in school and community sports programs.

Thank you for making the I Can Do It Program live up to its name.