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I Can Do It


If your child struggles with weight issues, he or she is not alone. According to the Kids Walk Coalition, one in three children in New Orleans is either overweight or obese. Ochsner Fitness Center’s "I Can Do It" program was designed to get our kids back on track to a healthier, happier lifestyle. “I Can Do It” is an award-winning after-school program for children ages eight-14. The 12-week program meets three times a week for one hour and includes:

  • 36 interval training sessions including cardio and weight training
  • 4 nutritional lectures
  • A healthy cooking demonstration

Led by an experienced staff of pediatric exercise and nutritional experts, the program combines physical activity, nutritional education and inspiration – essential elements in losing weight and keeping it off. “I Can Do It” kids increase their strength, endurance and self-esteem in a fun and positive atmosphere.

“I Can Do It” has been featured in Newsweek and was recently named “Best Exercise Incentive “Program” by Fitness Management magazine. Scholarships are available to individuals with high health risks and financial need.

What People Are Saying

Y'all have made a difference in my daughter's life. Not only does she physically look amazing, but her confidence has been boosted. She was getting so depressed about herself. Now, she loves to eat healthy and loves to work out. She is back to her bubbly self again.
– Denise W.

I am very thankful for the opportunity of the "I Can Do It" Program. It has helped quite a bit with my oldest daughter’s attitude. I really think it is helping her build her self-esteem. No amount of words can express my gratitude for that!
– Tameka

To help provide scholarships to families who need the "I Can Do It" program but cannot afford it, please download the donation form here and return to OFC.

For more information or to register for the “I Can Do It” Program, contact Alaina Wertz at [email protected] or 504-842-9524.

Scholarship Application