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On the Move

Ochsner Fitness Center is excited about our innovative and community based program called “On the Move – Driving to Fight Childhood Obesity”.  This unique program will give school children ages 9-13 an opportunity to learn about health and fitness in a non-competitive environment.  Participating children will have the opportunity to engage in group fitness classes and workout on our custom-made weight training equipment specifically designed for children.  Furthermore, our licensed dietitian will provide healthy nutrition information.  Our staff will also perform pre and post measurements and exercise performance to demonstrate the benefits of exercise while keeping all information confidential.

We are confident that all community schools will benefit from this program as Ochsner Fitness Center is proud to take the stance against childhood obesity.   Please take the time to fill out the application so we may better serve you!

Thank you for joining the fight against childhood obesity,

Eric Schadler
Youth Fitness Manager

Click Here to download the application