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Looking to level up your fitness and maximize your time working out? Afterburn is a phenomenal, custom-designed interval cardio and resistance training program led by a certified personal trainer that incorporates connected heart rate technology for big results.  

Our Harahan location hosts the program in the functional training area of our newly renovated strength floor. The 45-minute workout is freshly programmed each day to fuse resistance training intervals like TRX and free weight training with cardio intervals on an array of equipment that depending on the day could include our self-propelled curved treadmills, rowers, or soft boxes for plyo training. 

The goal? To keep your heart rate in a targeted zone for maximize fat burn. The program is geared to trigger the EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption) or Afterburn effect. In essence, by pushing your body to its limit with carefully programmed intervals, you can increase the metabolic – or calorie burning – effect on your body. 

It’s smart fitness for those looking for substantial changes and to increase overall cardiovascular conditioning.  

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