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Personal Training

No matter what your goals, Ochsner's training department can design a resistance training and cardiovascular program to meet your specific needs. We offer a variety of programs for all levels and ages.

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Personal Training

Members at Ochsner Fitness Center have the opportunity to work with some of the most educated and enthusiastic fitness professionals in the country. Whether you are looking to increase motivation, lose weight, improve performance or lean muscle mass, or participate in one of our Medical Fitness programs, Ochsner's Personal Training staff has the experience to help you obtain your desired fitness goals. Our trainers are certified by accredited national organizations such as ACSM, NSCA, NASM, and ACE and/or hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in an Exercise Science or related field. All clients receive comprehensive exercise testing to determine individual needs and goals.

Personal Training Packages

  • One-on-one training – work in a private setting with you and your personal trainer.
  • Partner Training – you and your training partner will work
  • Group Training – you and two other members work in a group training atmosphere
  • 30 Minute Express Training – A 30 minute express workout for those with limited time to exercise

Military Training Program

The Military Training (MT) program encompasses the type of workouts and exercises that you would experience in any aspect of Military Training. Whether you want to become a member of the Military or just want a challenging progressive workout routine, this program has something for you.

Aquatic Fitness Training

One-on-one training in our indoor or outdoor pools by certified AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructors. Personal training in the pool uses the resistive forces of water to create a low impact highly effective training modality that can be adapted for all populations from children to seniors, novice exercisers to elite athletes.

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